Success Coach

Success Coaches help youth who have been hurt emotionally, are disengaged, and have lost their confidence in others. Our success coaches allow youth adequate time to develop trust and a willingness to make their life better. When a success coach is readily available in schools, the stigma and other barriers to traditional therapeutic supports are no longer a roadblock for those who need help dealing with issues such as mental health.

The Family Centre’s success coaches work in schools with children, youth, and their families. They foster a positive school experience to reduce barriers and build confidence and skills for academic success. With the support of a success coach, children attend school more regularly, achieve higher results, avoid high-risk behaviours, make effective decisions and goals, and see a positive future for themselves.

Who can access this service?

  • Children, youth, and families identified through participating schools

What will they get out of the program?

Success coaches develop relationships with children and youth to:

  • Promote a healthy view of education, and facilitate success in school by exploring their future career opportunities
  • Develop awareness of healthy brain development
  • Encourage participation in healthy physical activity
  • Support transitioning to a new grade or school
  • Build resiliency skills to cope with challenging situations
  • Better understand boundaries and healthy sexuality
  • Develop stronger social, academic, and communication skills
  • Be more equipped to solve problems, deal with anger, and make positive decisions
  • Increase their community network of supports
  • Provide opportunities for healthy peer interaction

How does the program work?

At The Family Centre, we nurture the key relationships that children and youth have in their lives. As such, success coaches engage families to participate in their child’s learning, the school environment, and family activities. We work with youth one-on-one and give them opportunities to participate in group activities (e.g., before, during and after school; as well in summer) that they wouldn’t be able to access otherwise. Success coaches guide children and youth to make positive decisions using role models, mentors, advocates, and affordable community supports.

When and where is it offered?

Success coaches are available only through our partnering schools. If your child’s school is listed, please contact the school principal to discuss a referral.

Partnering Schools:

  • Balwin Elementary/Junior High School
  • Dan Knott Junior High School
  • Eastglen High School
  • Edith Rogers Junior High School
  • Highlands Junior High School
  • Jasper Place High School
  • John D. Bracco Junior High School
  • Kate Chegwin Junior High School
  • Killarney Junior High School
  • Lawton Junior High School
  • Lillian Osborne High School
  • Mary Butterworth Junior High School
  • Parkview Junior High School
  • Prince Charles Elementary School
  • Rosslyn Junior High School
  • Spruce Avenue Elementary/Junior High School
  • St. Alphonsus Elementary/Junior High School
  • St. Cecilia Junior High School
  • T.D. Baker Junior High School
  • McNally High School
  • Vimy Ridge High School
  • Fraser Elementary
  • Kirkness Elementary
  • Sifton Elementary
  • Homesteader Elementary
  • Lorelei Elementary
  • Delton Elementary
  • John A. McDougall Elementary

How can we get a success coach in our school?

Please have your school’s principal contact:

Nimir Raval, Community Initiatives Manager 
Phone: 780.900.6129

How much does it cost?

  • There is no cost to participating families
  • Success coaches are funded by The City of Edmonton, Family and Community Support Services (FCSS), United Way of the Capital Region, or directly by participating schools

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