Roots and Wings

Roots and Wings provides in-home family support to Edmonton and area families struggling with parenting and family disruption due to poverty, mental health, or isolation. We work together with families to ensure their needs are front and centre, resulting in meaningful solutions based on their unique lives. We do not make decisions for them; we help them navigate complex systems and equip them with resources and information to make their own decisions.

The comprehensive approach we take to supporting children, parents, families, and communities helps prevent family breakdown and child mistreatment, while empowering family members to better cope with life’s challenges, and make decisions that promote health and wellness.

Who can participate?

  • Parents may voluntarily participate in this program if they need support in parenting their children effectively, meeting their family’s basic needs, and developing a social network

How does the program work?

No two families are the same, so Roots and Wings provides customized support to families based on their specific needs. In general, we support families to:

  • Build effective parenting skills
  • Understand how negative childhood experiences, toxic stress, and trauma affect parenting and child development
  • Positively influence brain development by focusing on attachment, literacy, culturally sensitive play, and nutrition
  • Make financial decisions that empower them to overcome barriers related to poverty (e.g., food/nutrition, medical/dental care, housing, personal identification, financial literacy, furniture, clothing, etc.)
  • Improve their communication and advocacy skills
  • Better navigate systems
  • Develop or build positive social networks
  • Address issues that contribute to addictions, domestic violence, and mental health
  • Foster children’s abilities and strengths through their needs and interests
  • Assess children based on developmental milestones, and assist parents in accessing relevant resources and therapeutic assistance

When and where is it offered?

Roots and Wings provides support to families in their own homes.The frequency and duration of visits vary by family, based on their specific needs. Generally, we start with two visits (two hours in length) per week, decreasing as families meet their goals.

Roots & Wings service is available through our partnering schools. If your child’s school is listed, please contact the school principal to discuss as referral.

Partnering Schools:

  • Abbott Elementary School
  • Balwin Elementary School
  • Beacon Heights Elementary School
  • Dan Knott Junior High School
  • Delton Elementary School
  • Edith Rogers Junior High School
  • Jasper Place High School
  • John A. McDougall Elementary School
  • Kate Chegwin Junior High School
  • Montrose Elementary School
  • Norwood Elementary School
  • R.J. Scott Elementary School
  • Rundle Elementary School
  • T.D. Baker Junior High School
  • Eastglen High School
  • Spruce Avenue Junior High
  • St. Alphonsus Elementary/Junior High

How can I access Roots and Wings?

If the service is provided in your child’s school, then please speak with the school’s principal.

If you are not connected to one of our partnering schools, please contact:

Nimir Raval
Manager, Community Initiatives 
Phone: 780.900.6129

How much does it cost?

  • There is no cost to participating families
  • Roots and Wings is funded by The City of Edmonton, Family and Community Support Services (FCSS), United Way of the Capital Region, and Edmonton Region Child and Family Services

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