Cultural Coach

The Family Centre’s cultural coaches facilitate youth-driven programming through the Action for Teens program.

Cultural coaches work with ethno-cultural youth who need support adjusting to life in Canada or reconnecting to their culture. They help youth strengthen their sense of identity and belonging and their self-confidence. In addition to newcomers, cultural coaches work with second- and third-generation immigrant youth who know little about their culture of origin or don’t see the importance of being connected to their heritage. They assist them in learning more about their culture, re-establishing bonds to their cultural community, and increasing their natural support systems.

With this type of support, The Family Centre believes that youth will better understand and be more equipped to cope with the cultural differences they are experiencing in their new country, school, and community. The desired outcome for the program is to make youth less vulnerable and more resilient to cultural challenges.

Who can attend?

  • Youth from all ethno-cultural and mainstream communities as identified by participating school administration

What will they get out of the program?

Cultural coaches work with youth to:

  • Establish positive relationships with peers through coaching, role modelling, mentoring, and support
  • Determine their unique social and recreation needs and interests
  • Increase their network of social support
  • Develop new skills (social, communication, problem solving, coping, etc.)
  • Become more aware of their strengths and qualities (leadership, empowerment, boundaries, positive identity, commitment to learning, etc.)

How does the program work?

Cultural coaches offer the following activities for groups:

  • Cultural content – creative activities for the youth to learn from each other about their different cultural backgrounds
  • Recreation – a variety of activities that promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Guest speakers – topics of discussion chosen by the youth
  • Healthy nutrition – promoting healthy eating and culturally appropriate food

When and where is it offered?

Cultural coaches are available only through our partnering schools. If your child’s school is listed, please contact the school principal to discuss a referral.

Partnering Schools:

  • Balwin Elementary/Junior High School
  • Florence Hallock Junior High School
  • John Barnett Elementary School
  • John D. Bracco Junior High (Clareview Youth Night)
  • Londonderry Junior High School
  • Rosslyn Junior High School
  • Delton Elementary School
  • Sifton Elementary School

How can we get a cultural coach in our school?

Please have your school’s principal contact:

Nimir Raval
Manager, Community Initiatives 
Phone: 780.900.6129

How much does it cost?

• There is no cost to participating youth. 
• Cultural coaches are funded by The City of Edmonton, Family and Community Support Services (FCSS).

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