collaborative service delivery

We work in collaboration with Child and Family Services to determine what support children and parents need for a strong and healthy family. Our goal is that children and family members are safe, have positive relationships with loved ones, and are given a voice in decisions affecting their future. All referrals for these programs come through Edmonton Region Child and Family Services, North Central and East Neighbourhood Centres.

If a child is at risk of going into government care, The Family Centre strongly supports keeping children with their immediate family, when it is safe to do so. If that is not possible, we make every effort to ensure they are placed with a relative and/or have regular and ongoing access to the people they love.

We believe keeping children in their community and schools is critical for reducing the trauma and ensuring children maintain relationships with significant people in their lives such as friends, teachers, neighbours, and kin. We also help families connect to community resources.


Family intervention generalist (FIG) supports a family throughout their involvement with Child and Family Services. Because each family is different, there is no predetermined program or path that families must follow. The service is flexible, using many different services to meet a family’s specific needs and long-term goals.


Our youth connectors support youth, who have status with Children’s Services, may not have a permanent residence, and are engaged in high-risk activity. Youth connectors help youth by developing their circle of support, achieving permanency in their lives, and supporting the youth’s long-term goals.


Parental support services help children live with or maintain positive relationships with their parents, family members, and community supports through supported visits, in-home support, and transportation.


If a child comes in to care, a reunification home is a safe place to stay while the parents are developing positive parenting and safety skills with 24/7 support from our staff.


Through permanency services, we help find safe and stable long term placements and develop relationships for displaced children and youth who are currently in government care.

We believe children fare best when cared for by their family, whether it be immediate family, extended family, or individuals who have played a meaningful role in their lives. The supportive and loving atmosphere of a kinship home helps them build healthy self-esteem; meet their social, emotional, and physical needs; and see positive role models for values and behaviours.


Family engagement services encourage key members in a child’s life to communicate openly with one another to determine the best plan forward when a child has been placed in agency care. This may result in determining where a child should live, creating a support system for a family experiencing challenges, and strengthening relationships among family members.

Family engagement services allow families to connect through family searches, circles, and family group conferences.


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