Lunch and Learn Workshops

Lunch and Learn Workshops

Each workshop is approximately 1.5 hours in length but can be shorter or longer depending on how deep you want to go on the topic.

Don’t see a topic you need? We also create customized sessions for your unique needs. Call us at 780.497.7536 to find out more.

Theme Workshop                      Description
Communication Fostering respectful workplaces Respectful interactions that value the dignity, self-respect, and esteem of all people
Communication Building your communication toolbox Effective ways to listen and express yourself clearly with others
Communication Building and sustaining relationships What contributes to and gets in the way of constructive relationships; positive communication
Conflict Fighting fair: skills to resolve conflict The nature of conflict and anger with de-escalating strategies, healthy communication, and conflict resolution 
Lifestyle Taking care of ourselves: learning to relax Self-care, stress relief, and relaxation techniques
Workplace health Finding balance in work and home life Achieving balance by listening to internal messages and empowering yourself
Workplace health Depression: workplace mental health awareness Identify the causes and effects of depression in the workplace, and promote good mental health
Workplace health Resilience: coming back from burnout The physical, emotional, and mental effects of prolonged stress; lifestyle changes to avoid burnout
Workplace health

Stress-busting: tools and techniques for everyone

Personal stressors and management techniques

How much does it cost?

Lunch and Learns range from $500 to $750 per session. Contact us for non-profit rates.

Where is it offered?

Lunch and Learns are offered in-person at your workplace.

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