The Family Centre has been providing educational workshops for parents, for couples, and for individuals for more than 70 years.

Throughout your life you will experience excitement and joy as you navigate through different phases and ages, from childhood to adulthood, from being single to having a partner, and maybe even to raising children. You will also face unexpected issues that are hard to deal with, emotional, or frustrating.

Whether you’re interested in resolving conflicts and challenges more effectively or simply want to learn new skills to better steer through life’s transitions, The Family Centre can help. We want you to be successful in your unique lifestyle so you can lead a happier, healthier, and stronger life.

Our facilitators have seen first-hand the challenges individuals and families face and we offer workable ways to strengthen relationships. We focus on positive and healthy ways to raise children, maintain constructive relationships, and go through change. And we do all this with the community in mind.

The Family Centre offers three types of workshops:

  • Our group workshops are highly interactive so you will have many opportunities to ask questions, learn about yourself and your family, hear others’ experiences, and practise new skills. Many people who attend our workshops say they feel better after attending because they realize that they are not alone. If this is your first time attending a workshop like this, don’t worry. We make sure all of our participants feel comfortable and supported.
  • Individual sessions are a unique alternative to the traditional group workshops. In these one-on-one sessions, you will receive the same amount of information as our group workshops, condensed into a three-hour session with the facilitator. These are ideal for individuals or couples who want to get started sooner than the next workshop, can’t attend the workshops due to work schedules or other personal commitments, or simply prefer a more private setting.
  • On-site workshops are also available for your community organization (e.g., church, day care, school) on an ad-hoc basis. If this option interests you, please contact us directly to discuss your specific requirements. These workshops offer a convenient way for people to access the information in a familiar location with people from your community. We will customize your workshop content to meet the needs of participants.