Critical Incident Response

Critical Incident Response

A crisis can happen in the blink of an eye, with tragic or unexpected consequences for your employees. When a traumatic event occurs, your organization may not be prepared to handle the onslaught of strong feelings, behaviours, and thoughts resulting from a traumatic workplace incident.

Following an incident, some employees will be more prone to anxiety, sleep disorders, and depression. Others may experience flashbacks or severe grief. If these issues aren’t addressed in a timely manner, your organization will likely see more employee disengagement, morale issues, sick leaves, lower productivity, and even a rise in short-term disability claims.

That’s where The Family Centre comes in. Our critical incident response team provides immediate guidance to management to effectively support those impacted by the critical incident. With our expertise, your employees will feel cared for and will trust that your organization is doing everything in its power to support them through a difficult time.

The Family Centre provides the following critical incident services:

  • On-site trauma response: Immediate onsite services for workplace crises, including workplace accidents and fatalities, robbery, death, suicide, layoffs, etc.
  • Telephone trauma response: A call-centre line that employees can access immediately after the crisis.
  • Crisis intervention: From first point of contact, we support management, employees, and immediate family—24/7. We’ll arrange onsite group debriefings for those most affected by the traumatic event, and follow-up counselling through phone and/or one-on-one sessions.

Who can access these services?

• These services are provided to organizations of any type or size.
• Individuals who have experienced a traumatic event can access our therapy and counselling services.


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