Youth Liaison

Youth Liaison

The Family Centre’s youth liaisons work within The Neighbourhood Empowerment Team (NET). NET is a partnership between the City of Edmonton, the Edmonton Police Service, the United Way of the Alberta Capital Region, and The Family Centre to enhance community safety. 

What does NET do?

The focus of NET’s work is to build sustainable solutions to community safety. This is done by first identifying recurring situations that affect a community’s safety, and then implementing innovative strategies and working with the community’s residents, businesses, and organizations towards a solution.

Each EPS Division is connected to liaisons from both the City of Edmonton and The Family Centre. The liaisons are tasked with active engagement and community outreach with a lens for potential issues. Once issues have been identified, partner organizations customize teams for each community to offer the combination of skills most likely to result in success. This approach allows for multiple response teams city-wide.

What do youth liaisons do?

Our youth liaisons encourage positive changes in youth’s lives. They partner with youth and youth-serving organizations on initiatives that help foster community spirit and reduce the fear of crime in youth. Additionally, they provide youth with positive experiences and outcomes in their community by acting as a liaison between the youth and the community’s stakeholders.

 A positive environment surrounding youth prevents involvement with the criminal justice system, which is manifested in safe and crime-free communities. 

How can I find out more?

For more information, please contact

Nimir Raval

Manager, Community Initiatives 

Phone: 780.423.2831