Family Intervention

The Family Centre’s family intervention services support families to create healthy, nurturing, and safe environments for parents and children.

1. Family stabilization and preservation

This program supports parents and their children during a crisis to keep everyone safe.

Services include:

  • Providing in-home services and planned interventions to help keep a child within the family
  • Supporting families 24 hours a day, seven days a week as they stabilize
  • Providing counselling, education, and guidance so families can develop new coping and living skills
  • Supporting family to access extended family and community resources to decrease isolation and enhance wellbeing

2. Family intervention and support

This program supports parents to develop safe parenting skills free from abuse or neglect through ongoing support, education, and resources to maintain the family unit.

Services include:

  • Supporting parents to explore their history, developing an understanding of how their adverse childhood and adult experiences have impacted their ability to parent
  • Conducting family assessments to inform areas of capacity and growth
  • Expanding a family’s knowledge and use of community resources and natural helping networks
  • Teaching and modelling parenting skills, such as child, youth, and teen parenting techniques, behaviour management, and age-appropriate discipline

3. Youth services

These services are for youth who have status with Alberta Children’s Services, may not have a permanent residence, and are engaged in high-risk activity. Youth may be living on their own with no caring adults involved or available in their lives. Often the youth have been in and out of care and are struggling to find hope.

Services include:

  • Supporting youth to address the effects of trauma and adverse children experiences, utilizing relationship, opportunities for mastery and the development of a sense of belonging to heal and achieve wellbeing
  • Achieving legal, physical, and/or relational permanency
  • Initiating or participating in coordinated community efforts to achieve long-term sustainable goals identified by youth
  • Finding and engaging family and community members to increase the youth’s circle of support
  • Supporting youth in their transition to independence

Who can access this support?

  • All of our family intervention services are only for those families identified through Alberta Children’s Services.
  • All referrals come through Edmonton and Area Child and Family Services Authority (Region 6)

How can I find out more?

Please contact Michelle Urban, Family Intervention Manager, at:

Phone: 780.917.8240