You can access these services through referral by a professional or caseworker only. 

PLEASE NOTE: A referral is NOT needed to access safe visitation services -  please contact us for details. 

Our Referral Programs

Safe Visitation Services

Safe visitation services are open to any Edmonton family with safety concerns about child custody and visitation, resulting from previous and/or current family violence. Safe visitation services gives children an opportunity to maintain relationships with their non-custodial parent in a safe, protected environment. Read More ›

Community Initiatives

We know that all children can succeed, given the right community supports and opportunities. Our community initiative services work directly with children, youth, families, and organizations (e.g., schools) to build on strengths for positive, healthy lifestyles, and a strong, connected community. Read More ›

Related programs: Cultural Coach, Roots & Wings, Success Coach, Youth Liaison, Partnering Schools

Family Engagement Services

Family engagement services allow families to connect, in meaningful and purposeful ways, with children, youth, family, communities, and formal systems through family searches, circles, and family group conferences. Family engagement services are available to children who are involved with Edmonton and Area Child and Family Services. Read More ›

Family Intervention

Our intervention services are for youth who have status with Alberta Children’s Services, may not have a permanent residence, and are engaged in high-risk activity. Read More ›

Family Preservation

Family preservation services work in collaboration with parents, youth, and Child and Family Services to determine what support children and parents need for a strong and healthy family. Our goal is to promote long-term family stability, within the family unit as well as the broader community. This means children and family members are safe and healthy, have positive relationships with loved ones, and are given a voice in decisions affecting their future. Our family preservation services are only for those families residing in the North Central and East areas of Edmonton that are involved with Child and Family Services Read More ›

Family Reunification

Our reunification services offer a safe home for children and youth that require a place to live while their parents develop positive parenting skills. Parents participate in their children’s daily activities with 24/7 support from staff members. Family reunification is only for those families residing in north central or east neighbourhood centres in Edmonton that have been identified through Alberta Children’s Services Read More ›

Parental Support

Parental support services help children live with or maintain positive relationships with their parents, family members, and community supports. Parental support workers help parents build and incorporate positive parenting skills into their day-to-day parenting and household routines, and emphasize the importance of play, school, and community involvement. Parental support is only for those families residing in east or north central Edmonton that have been identified through Alberta Children’s Services. Read More ›


Through permanency services, The Family Centre helps find safe and stable long term placements and develop relationships for displaced children and youth who are currently in government care. Read More ›

Employee & Family Assistance Program

Our Employee and Family Assistance Program (known as FSEAP: Family Services Employee Assistance Program) enables employees and union members to function at their best and help them through some of the concerns that impact their personal and workplace lives. Read More ›