Do you need a document translated from English to another language? Or from another language to English? The Family Centre offers qualified translators to prepare or edit written documents in more than 60 languages. 

We translate and proofread documents for both individuals and organizations, including:

  • Driver’s licenses
  • Birth, marriage, or divorce certificates
  • Passports
  • Educational credentials
  • Criminal record checks
  • Promotional materials (e.g., brochures, websites)
  • Human resources information (e.g., employee manuals)
  • Organizational manuals and processes
  • Technical instructions
  • Patient care information

All documents we translate include an affidavit signed by a Commissioner of Oaths.  A Commissioner of Oaths is a person who is authorized to verify affidavits and other legal documents.  It is your responsibility to verify with the governing body requesting your translated document the requirements of the Commissioner. 

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Do you need information in another language?

If you need information about our translation services in Amharic, Arabic, Cantonese, French, Mandarin, Persian, Serbian, Somali, Spanish, or Vietnamese, please click on your language below.

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How does it work?

The Family Centre requires original documents for translations. While we prefer to receive clearly scanned documents by email or our website (scroll down to the form to upload your documents), we also accept original hard copies delivered in-person to our office in Edmonton. We will make copies of your original so you can take it away with you.

When you give us your documents, please let us know to which language you need it translated into and any due dates or deadlines. We will provide a quote within 48 hours. If you choose to use our services, you must pay in advance. Your document will be completed within two weeks of payment.

We will contact you when the work is complete and provide you with one signed and stamped copy of the completed translation. If you need more than one copy extra charges will apply.  

Who can access these services?

  • Any individual or organization with a need to translate a written document can access our translation services

We’ve translated documents for several organizations, including:

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See our work: Newcomer’s Guide for The City of Edmonton

When and where is it offered?

  • You may send us your document by using the form on this page, by email,  or in-person at our offices at #20, 9912-106 Street in Edmonton
  • For standard documents, it takes two weeks to complete a translation from the time in which payment is received. You will receive a completion date specific to your document

What languages are available? 

Afrikaans Burmese Dutch Hindi Kirundi Nuer Russian Thai
Amharic Cantonese Dzonkha Hungarian Kikuyu Oromo Serbian Tigre
Arabic Cebuano Farsi Indonesian Korean Pashto Somali Tigrigna
Azerbaijani Chiu Chow Fillipino Italian Lao Persian Spanish Turkish
Bhutanese Croatian French Japanese Luganda Polish Swahili Ukrainian
Bilen Czech German Karen Malayalam (Kerala) Portuguese Tagalog Urdu
Bosnian Dari Gujarati Kinyarwanda Mandarin Punjabi Tamil Vietnamese
Bulgarian Dinka Hebrew Kinyakole Nepalese Romanian Telugu Yiddish

How much does it cost?

  • Costs vary according to language/dialect, type of document, technical terminology, deadlines, and formatting. Please contact us for a quote
  • Rates are non-negotiable, and we only begin translating documents after you have paid for the service
  • You can pay in-person with cash, debit, or credit card or over the phone with a credit card
  • Translation services are supported by the United Way of the Capital Region

Contact Information

Phone: 780.448.2627



"The Family Centre’s translation services have been an incredible support to our organization. The services was extremely easy to access and the Family Centre staff were so accommodating and helpful to ensure the final product was exactly what was required. As an Agency, BGCBigs really appreciates having these services available that allows us to support the greater community."


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