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Talking about addictions is a bit tricky. Most people think immediately of someone who has an addiction to alcohol, drugs, or gambling. However, there is a large body of evidence to indicate that these aren’t the only addictions that people struggle with. Often referred to as “soft” addiction, the release of dopamine in the pleasure centres of the brain is often created through continued repetition of behavior or thinking. Many of us fall into this category, and we aren’t even aware of the consequences of our addiction. Or, for the most part, we live in complete denial because we don’t fall into the category of what people usually think of as an addiction.

So often, people recognize that betrayal leads to mistrust. Rarely, however, do they consider how mistrust can also set the stage for betrayal. The two issues can (but don’t have to) create a vicious downward spiral leading to the end of a relationship. When we tell ourselves that we can’t rely on our partners, that they don’t understand our wants and needs, and maybe that they don’t even care to, we are primed to start noticing how green and lush the grass looks on the other side of the fence.

Our in-home family support program, Roots and Wings, was created in 1995 as a response to a growing need that Edmonton caregivers had identified: individualized support with parenting. The type of support that was accessible, and addressed complex issues such as the impacts of poverty, mental health, addictions, adverse childhood effects, and trauma. The Family Centre chose to evaluate Roots and Wings partly due to the length of time the program had been in operation.

How many times have you struggled to help your child to complete their homework? Here are 11 tips that can help with homework.

Robyn knew she needed a change because she wasn’t able to cope anymore. She was depressed and felt helpless and out of control of her life. She was constantly in a heightened state, had difficulty sleeping, and was unhappy and anxious.

You can alleviate many future challenges by talking about some critical key issues before deciding to make a long-term commitment.

When Julie Zelinski, principal at Lorelei School, learned that several Syrian refugees would soon attend the school, she contacted us. Julie was familiar with the success coach role at The Family Centre, but she didn’t need just any coach – she needed a success coach fluent in Arabic to support and connect with these students.

Brittany’s Story

January 15, 2018

Brittany, 21, recently completed a Bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Alberta and started her career as a registered nurse. When she was in junior high, she received supports from The Family Centre.

According to the experts, there are 4 specific steps that individuals work through before they actually are ready to attempt a significant change in their lives. It isn’t enough to just have a thought pop into your head at the end of December, such as “I’m going to lose 10 pounds by the end of January.” Setting goals and making a significant change in your life is a bit more complex.

Alone for the holidays

December 20, 2017

Holidays can be a lonely time for some. If you end up by yourself, there are a lot of creative ways to overcome the feeling of isolation.