About Us

About Us

The Family Centre is here for families, plain and simple. For 75 years, we’ve been providing Alberta families with the services they need to thrive in the community.

Whether embarking on one of life’s most exciting adventures—like getting married or having children—or going through a challenging, traumatic situation, The Family Centre will help you move forward positively. We can support you to effectively navigate through change, raise healthy children, develop strong and healthy relationships, and heal from trauma. And we do it in a way that respects your personal values and beliefs.

We want you to receive the most up-to-date information and ideas to achieve your goals, so we’re continually looking for new ways to address life’s difficult situations. We base our methods on current, relevant research. If something doesn’t work, we stop doing it. And, we often try new, innovative approaches if we believe they will lead to your success.

With a network of organizations in Edmonton and surrounding communities, we know that a well-connected community is critical. We provide comprehensive solutions that don’t treat your situation in isolation. Your family, community, schools, and personal supports all contribute to your family’s health, well-being, and success. When we can’t provide the expertise in-house, we’ll find out where you can get it.

The Family Centre exists to foster healthy families in healthy communities.


The Family Centre exists to foster healthy families in healthy communities. 


The Family Centre’s vision is:

  • Individuals are physically and emotionally capable and have the capacity to engage with others.
  • Families nurture children effectively and are safe, functional havens for their adult members.
  • Institutions function effectively and honestly.
  • Communities are safe and functional.
  • Economies work for the large majority.

Our History

In the 1920s, The Family Centre distributed food and clothing to those in need before social safety nets existed. As government and other agencies took over that role, our focus shifted to delivering professional counseling and in-home support to parents—key services we offer to this day.

The Family Centre was incorporated in 1942, striking its first citizen-based board of directors and becoming a member of the Community Chest (now United Way of the Capital Region). Our funding partners have expanded over the years to include the City of Edmonton, Alberta Human Services, Edmonton Public School Board, Alberta Justice, and other private and public foundations.

Currently we have a wide breadth of over 350 personnel including: educational facilitators, family intervention generalists, family preservation workers, family support workers, interpreters, kinship support workers, parental support workers, psychologists, social workers, therapists, workplace support specialists, youth intervention specialists, and youth reunification workers.Each year we proudly serve over 20,000 people, in addition to over 100 corporate and government clients as a member of the Family Services Employee Assistance Program (FSEAP) network.

After 75 years of service in the Edmonton community, we remain committed as ever to fostering healthy families in healthy communities.

The Family Centre believes that, with the right opportunities and tools, people can make choices that lead to success. Since 1942, we have been helping Alberta families, communities, institutions and workplaces make positive choices that lead to successful outcomes. We work to strengthen family wellness and build community capacity through innovative services and collaborative partnerships to engage our most vulnerable families in caring for our children. 

Our Guiding Principles

1. Hope

Sometimes families lose hope when they experience problems or setbacks. We help them see the possibilities again by finding achievable ways to overcome challenges, celebrating their successes along the way, and building their self-confidence.

2. Strength

Every family has a unique set of skills and strengths. We nurture those qualities within individuals, families, and communities to help them become even stronger when facing difficult situations. We empower them to use their strength to rebound from hardship and move forward positively.

3. Respect

We do not judge families. We strive to support them wherever they are and respect whatever decisions they make. We never make decisions for families, nor do we claim to have all their answers. We believe each family controls their future; they decide what needs to be done, and we work with them to determine how to get there.

4. Diversity

We value all cultures and beliefs. We take time and care to understand families and their communities while recognizing that some behaviours may harm a child’s or family’s health. We provide respectful feedback, information, and choices that reflect their values and belief system and allow them to make informed decisions.

5. Understanding

History and past experiences cannot change. We understand that families have done the best they can with the resources, support, and information they had at the time. Sometimes, previous experience and fear may lead to harmful behaviours. Ultimately, parents want their children to be healthy and productive, but not everyone knows how to make this happen. We work with families to understand their unique situations, and we offer guidance where they would like to see change.

6. Trust

Many families come to us with little confidence and trust in others, based on previous negative experiences. We earn their trust by fully understanding their circumstances, offering objective, helpful advice based on their needs, and letting them be in charge of their decisions. We also stay true to our word; we do what we say we will do every single time.

7. Commitment

If we do not immediately connect with a family, we adapt our approach until we find a way that works. We refuse to give up. We are committed to building and maintaining positive, objective relationships with every family. If we can’t help, we look for other organizations or services that may better meet their needs.

8. Community

We promote safely integrating children and family into home and community life. Our support teams are made up of several services through The Family Centre and beyond. We work closely with immediate and extended families, schools, and community organizations to encourage the best support network for a child or family. We offer coordinated health and well-being services that are inclusive, responsive, and easily accessible for families and communities.